#Hi there!

My name is Ivica Lovrić, I am a painter.

In truth, I am conceptualist. I paint my ideas out of random, well thought conclusions from the topics I care to study and observe with life infused emotional baggage I seem am not able to shake. My attempts are the exercise of transforming my mind(s) visual content into personal form of art practise as an explanation of what my mind has conjured, staying firmly outside of art history. On this website, you can view some of my tug of war, enjoy!


Visual Language

A painting as a visual language is my way of understanding this world and all its mysticism.
I am continually captivated by the ideas and transcendence of them into reality as sure as dreams are fetching certainty. I use colour as a powerful metaphor to induce life into this fallen world.


painting process.

I had good fortune to experience working at Stiepan Bezijak studio where I fall in love with the visual art and painting. The art production process made a deep impression. Creating art begins from an inspired idea to hand drawing, to technical sketch, up to the execution into a complete painting. For me, execution is the magical part of the process - taking the project of the paper and making it real. 

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