Ivica Lovrić Paintings

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- Since 1988 -

About Ivica's Paintings

I’m an independent, out-of-art history painter.  I paint mostly in oils. My subject is life itself. 

Why Choose My Paintings


My paintings are very unique. Each stends on its own and you will not find paintings like this anywhere else for fair price.

High standard

My paintings are high standard. I use best quality oils and materials so paints will not bleed or faint.

Range of subject

My paintings cover many subjects, so you have a choice for your wall.


You can meet me in private and watch me work.

Some of my paintings

Below are few of my paintings so you can see what I paint.


Oil on EDF

Inner seer

Oil on canvas


Oil on canvas

Dog called sadness -

Oil on wood board

What people think of my paintings

“I love ivica's paintings.” I cant stop looking at the painting I got from him. It's permenantly hanged in my front room. Peopel always ask about it and I love to tell them story behind the painting and the painter.
“Ivica painter 3 paintings for me and i hang them all around my home. I absolutly love his work and every time I pass his painting I cant help but stop and observe. Every time I find something new in it.”

Invest in a original painting and support your local artist

This is your chance to invest in a very special painting that no one else will have and enjoy every day.

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